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Deana Brandt MA MFT, RCC

Deana Brandt MA MFT, RCCDeana is passionate about people. Deana believes we are each on a unique journey that is often filled with challenges, and that these challenges can be painful.  Deana believes psychotherapy is a pathway towards healing and restoration.  She acknowledges the effort each client commits, through time and resources, to the therapeutic process.  Deana sees therapy as a powerful commitment to one’s own personal growth.

Because of Deana’s unique life experiences and professional training, she enjoys working with individuals, couples, children and families in a number of different areas, including; relational issues, challenging life transitions, anxiety, depression, impulsivity, grief and loss, trauma, gender identity/expression, and particularly, sexual issues.  Deana is also highly skilled in working with the LGBTQ community. This work includes Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) as well as facilitating an ongoing trans* and gender expansive support group. For more information about this group please see flyer in our Cheam events page.

Deana is dedicated to the enhancement of life quality in human sexuality. Deana’s specialized training in the area of Sexual Therapy informs her work with couples’ and is aimed at developing, restoring, and/or maintaining effectiveness, relatedness, and communication skills. Deana works toward conflict resolution, affection, intimacy, and sex. 

Deana specializes in clinical sex therapy, relationship/couples, sexual identity issues, impulsitivity, sexual behaviour intervention for children and youth, as well as gender expression, dysphoria, and identity.
Through her work at Child & Youth Mental Health, Deana is also skilled in working with and supporting children, youth and the families of those who have parental mental health challenges.

Deana also has years of experience working with compulsive gambling, substance misuse, and addictive behaviours that cause individuals distress in daily life, their relationships, and their environment. Deana is highly skilled in EMDR Therapy and uses this in her work with trauma.

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“Our family was apprehensive about coming for counselling (even though we knew we needed it). But after we arrived, we were immediatly put at ease. We loved some of the communication exercises that Deana took us through.

Abbotsford family (name withheld for privacy)